There are a variety of appointment types at Thrive, depending on your progress through care:

  • Initial Consultation - the first time you see us. Up to one hour.
  • Standard Consultation - your regular appointment. Up to half an hour.
  • Short Consultation - sometimes you may only need to see us for a shorter time. We'll let you know if this applies to you. Up to a quarter of an hour.


What to Bring

Comfortable clothes you can move in, and any previous test results or relevant information such as x-rays, MRI or relevant notes from any other health professional. This is particularly important at your initial consultation.


Initial consultation

Duration: up to one hour

  • First, you get to talk about you! Why have you come to see us at Thrive? You can also ask any questions you might have, now and at any time.  
  • Next, we see how well your body is working: We conduct a comprehensive physical examination. This may include various postural, neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic examinations, and the assessment of your underlying movement patterns.
  • Goal setting: What is causing your issue? What we can do to help? We talk about what you can expect to achieve from your treatment, decide on a schedule of care, and discuss what you can do to help your recovery and improvement.
  • We begin treatment: Thrive treatment includes chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work and rehabilitation exercises. We can also order additional testing, such as x-rays. 


Standard consultation

Duration: up to half an hour

We check your progress and provide treatment. We will constantly review your progress and determine if any changes are needed for your care and rehabilitation program.


Short consultation

Duration: up to quarter of an hour

Sometimes we don't need as long for each appointment. We'll let you know if this applies to you (and you can always ask us, too).  


State of the art facilities

Thrive facilities include:

  • Purpose-built private consultation rooms.
  • Access to the gym floor within Adapt CrossFit. We use this to design your rehabilitation program and watch you in action. The gym facilities include: 
    • Olympic barbells and lifting platforms 
    • Pull-up bars and gymnastic rings 
    • A selection of free weights and kettle bells
    • Rowing machines and Assault Bikes
    • Boxes and climbing ropes
  • Movement analysis with the aid of Coaches Eye, the latest in web-based tools. 
  • Detailed descriptions and videos of your individualised rehabilitation program can be accessed through the secure online application Physitrack. 
  • Lending library for clients of the clinic, including titles on a range of health, fitness, pregnancy and parenting topics.
  • Online bookings are available for all appointments. 
  • Off-street parking directly outside the clinic.